Free Embroidery Download: Christmas Crafts 2015 Day 1

It’s October again, and time to start making Christmas presents!
This year, I’m trying something a little bit different than I did last year.
I want to make only practical things–gift items that people need but don’t think to buy for themselves.
I’m starting with the humble kitchen tea towel, and I’m going to digitize my favorite Bible verses and quotes from favorite writers to create seven days of tea towels. The free download I’m including is digitized for the Janome hoop that is at least 7.9″ x 11″ (this works for the new Janome 500E, the 12000 and the 15000). The file is Jef, but there is free conversion software out there on the net if you have a different machine.
Let’s get started!
To make this towel:
an old kitchen towel to measure by
unbleached, untreated muslin fabric, 100% cotton
Embroidery machine
Sewing machine
Tear-away stabilizer
Isaiah 26:3 jef download

Step 1:
Measure your old towel, and use it to cut your muslin fabric:

Step 2:
Hoop fabric, and embroider verse
Step 3:
Hem all four sides of your towel
Use fun stitches on your machine for the bottom hem
Step 4:
Wash fabric
Iron and wrap 🙂
Happy Day One of 30 days of Christmas Crafts! See you tomorrow for the second tea towel. 
P.S. these can be used for fingertip towels as well!

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