Hoops and More Hoops! A Review of the Janome 500E

At a glance:
4 hoops, the largest 7.9” x 11”
Hoop with magnets for quilting or hooping bulky material
Ease of Use
On-screen Editing Capabilities
Computer Editing Program
USB drive
Drop-in easy set bobbin
Stitch quality
Built-in quilting designs
Limited built-in embroidery designs
Fans of Janome 350E embroidery machine will be thrilled with Janome’s latest embroidery-only machine, the Janome 500 E. With a whopping four included hoops, embroiderers will be able to handle any embroidery task with ease.
An included extension table coupled with the magnet enhanced hoop makes quilting easy and fun, stabilizing large, heavy fabrics and enabling maintenance of perfect stitch quality. The built-in quilting designs are fabulous.
The machine is easy to use—my college students who have never used an embroidery machine before were able to get the machine up and running with little to no instruction from me (or, for that matter, the instruction book which they refused to peruse).
The touchscreen looks very similar to the screen on the Janome 9900. It’s a color screen with easy design and edit features. I especially love the Basting feature–it enables me to stabilize my fabric in the hoop.
I’m a writer and teacher, and my favorite embroidery task is lettering. I love embroidering quotes from favorite writers on pillows, wall hangings, tea cozies, pot-holders, coasters—you name it, and I’ll embroider a quote on it! The four different hoop sizes from small to very large made hooping each project a snap.
Embroidering lots of words is simplified through the use of the included Edit software. While on-screen editing at the machine is simple, I like editing words on my computer screen. With keyboard and onscreen control, creating and editing complicated lettering designs is a snap. Designs save to a USB drive which can be directly inserted into the machine. With this added bonus, I spent less time editing and more time embroidering.
The Easy Set bobbin, a feature I love on the Janome 15000, is standard on the 500E.
As I’ve come to expect on Janome machines, the stitch quality is excellent—enhanced, I think, by the industry-quality threading design. I tried several different thread brands just to see, and each sewed out beautifully.

The editing for this pillow took a brief ten minutes on my computer, including the border designs (you will find these designs under Monogram tools in the Design Font tab)
One of the wonderful things you can do with a hoop as big as the 7.9 x 11” hoop is monogram and embroider four napkins in one hooping:
A tablecloth and napkin set embroidered with one of the built-in designs:
I used the Heirloom stitching with built in “sewing stitches” (found in the monogram tab) to create this earring holder:

All in all, this is a wonderful machine, at a completely affordable price point.
Tune in tomorrow for 30 Days of Christmas Crafts 2015!

2 thoughts on “Hoops and More Hoops! A Review of the Janome 500E

  1. Hi, Ruth
    The embroidery editor works very similarly to the onscreen editor. When you open the editor, Home view pops up. There you choose your hoop size. Next, you click the Design tab then design folder. Favorite designs, and Petite designs, the same designs as are on your machine will be your choices. If you choose a favorite design and wish to add lettering, click the monogram tab after you have chosen your design.This will bring up your 14 different fonts. Choose a font, for example, Galant. A window will open above your design. In that blank space, type your lettering. Click enter when you have finished typing. The lettering will appear on the screen. Move the box where you wish the letter to go. To save and send to machine, Click the Home tab at the top of your screen, choose Write a Design. You will have to have a jump drive (USB drive) or the cable connected to your machine in order to send. Choose rename your file, then choose the file name you wish to send it to, EMB. Hope this helps!


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