Don’t Worry!

I love this verse, especially in The Message translation. It gives me peace when I’m worried about stuff I don’t have any control over. The free download is available here. I digitized it using Designer’s Gallery Creator, and embroidered it on my fabulous Destiny 2. I hope you enjoy!

Advent Hope: Free Christmas Story Ornaments

I love the book of Luke. He is most definitely a woman’s writer. His book highlights the plight of women—their unique sufferings, and their unique joy. Luke opens his book with the story of the elderly, childless Elizabeth, and her husband, Zechariah. For women in Ancient Israel, the only thing more shameful than barrenness was … More Advent Hope: Free Christmas Story Ornaments

Winter Mug-Rug

I love the winter holidays. It is true that the weather is a bit gray and gloomy, and the sun rises late and sets early. But it’s the perfect time to dream and sew. And some of my favorite projects are created from thrown-away wool sweaters—you know, the ones with a few tiny moth holes? … More Winter Mug-Rug

Comfort and Joy!

Nothing says comfort like plaid flannel  I love recycling leftover fabric—this one from pajama pants I made for my children when they were very small, and the wool from a skirt we used as a costume in a production of Our Town. The fabrics went together perfectly for this pillow. The finished product brings me great … More Comfort and Joy!

3-Heart Reverse Applique Bookmark Quick and Easy Christmas Gift

I love reverse applique–it adds dimension and color to any project. While traditional mola applique involoves several layers of fabric, this project is simple requiring only two layers.This design is created for quick and easy bookmarks, but can easily be incorporated into any project, including quilt blocks.You can download the pdf with instructions here.The embroidery … More 3-Heart Reverse Applique Bookmark Quick and Easy Christmas Gift