Free in-the-hoop Stocking Ornament for 4×4 Embroidery Field

Quick and easy in-the-hoop stocking ornament is perfect for a last minute Christmas gift. I’m making one for each of my five children using the Christmas pajama material from the past ten years of matching pajama pants.

14″x17″ material pieces
tear away stabilizer
5″ of 1/4″ ribbon for hanging, or use the eyelet embroidery, color 3, and thread the ribbon through the hole. 

Fold material in half  and iron.
Cut in half lengthwise so that you have two 8 1/2″ by 14″ pieces

Load hoop with tear away stabilizer
Place hoop in machine and open embroidery file
Embroider color 1, outline
Place folded material on top line of stocking
Sew color 2, cross stitch stocking decoration
note: if you wish, you may place your ribbon for hanging  at the beginning of the cross stitch. Begin the cross stitch. Stop, reverse a stitch, and tape ribbon down at beginning of stitches. If you choose to use ribbon, skip color 3 which embroiders an eyelet for threading ribbon through.
Place second folded half directly on top of first half of material matching stocking tops
Sew color 3, stocking sew down line.

Remove from hoop, tear away stabilizer,  clip with pinking shears
Turn right side out. Complete!

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