Frozen American Girl Doll Dress:30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 27

This quick and easy doll dress for the 18″ American Girl doll is modified from a free pattern from (click link for free pattern)
1/2 yard fabric (I used the flat sheet from the Frozen sheet set available at Target and Amazon)
Sewing Machine (I used my Skyline S5)
Doll Dress Pattern
Hook and Loop tape
Download pattern pdf
I only used these three pieces:

I modified the sleeve by cutting a few inches from the center so that the sleeve would not be as puffy

After cutting out the three pattern pieces above, cut out a skirt piece 24″ by 12″
Place front and back bodice pieces right sides together and sew shoulder seams. Hem neck edge by turning under 1/4″ and straight stitching. I don’t worry about finishing the edges of doll clothes, but if you wish, you may use pinking shears or a zig zag stitch to finish the edges before hemming.
Finish bodice back edges by turning under and straight stitching. 
Sew in sleeves. You may need to finger gather at the sleeve cap to ease (simply push tiny gathers beneath your needle)

Hem the bottom of skirt piece and the sleeves
Gather top of skirt
Easy method: increase your straight stitch length as long as possible:
and increase your tension as high as it will go
Sew across top edge of skirt piece. Be certain to leave a long thread tail at the beginning and end of your gathering.
Now, adjust your gathers by so that the skirt piece fits your bodice
Straight stitch gathered skirt piece to bodice, right sides together.
Sew hook and loop tape along the back for easy dressing. Finished!

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