Frozen Reverse Appliqué t-shirt: 30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 26

If you need a quick and easy last minute gift, this will work. In fifteen minutes or less, you can create this reverse appliqué Frozen t-shirt.
Picture of Frozen character (I cut mine from a sheet set purchased from Amazon, also available at Target)

One t-shirt
Sewing Machine with Stretch Stitch (I used my Janome Skyline S5)
Applique scissors
Turn t-shirt inside out
Pin fabric picture of Anna face down in center front of t-shirt (I promise this is face down! You can see right through the sheet material, so that it looks like it is face up. Pin all the way around the picture.
Load your bobbin with thread the same color as your t-shirt
Using your stretch stitch, sew around the appliqué on the back side of the t-shirt.
Remove pins and turn t-shirt right side out.

Clip a small opening in the center
Using your appliqué scissors, cut all the way around the inside of your appliqué being certain not to clip stitching
Because the material is knit, it will not fray with washing.

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