Frozen Appliquéd Throw Pillow:30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 25

This easy to sew appliqué pillow is created from a Frozen sheet set and is certain to delight your little princess. I’ll have to make three more, one for each of my nieces!
For a 14″ pillow form, cut a strip of background fabric that is 40″ long and 15″ wide (I cut mine from the flat sheet).
Cut out three or more pictures to appliqué (I cut mine from the fitted sheet portion of the sheet set).
Lightweight Water soluble stabilizer
Find center of 40″ strip and mark the center with either a pin or a chalk mark. 
To create appliques: 
cut a piece of water soluble stabilizer close to the same size as your appliqué piece
Attach the water soluble stabilizer to the front of the appliqué piece by sewing all the way around the appliqué
Cut a hole in the center of the stabilizer, and turn the appliqué right side out through this hole
Do this for each appliqué piece.
Arrange appliqué pieces on center of fabric strip and pin.
Using the appliqué stitch on your machine, sew all the way around each appliqué.

The Skyline S5 makes an absolutely gorgeous appliqué stitch:

To create envelope pillowcase: hem each end of the 40″ strip. 
Fold strip over pillow form right sides together centering appliquéd section over center of pillow front. 
Pin sides together being careful not to catch the pillow form in the pins.
Sew down each open side
Turn right side out

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