Frozen Guest Towel: 30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 24

Perfect for a little girl’s bathroom, this towel is quick and easy to make. I’m having fun thinking of how many Frozen projects can be created with a set of sheets!I used a twin sheet set (available at Amazon and Target) for the fabric. 

One hand towel
One panel with a picture of Anna or Elsa cut from the fitted sheet
One lining panel cut from the flat sheet (the lilac fabric)

For panel: Measure across the bottom of your towel, and and about four inches down. My towel was 15″ across, so I cut my panel 16″ wide by 7″ deep. You can adjust the depth depending on how long you want your panel to be.
Lay front panel face down on the towel being certain Elsa’s face is upside down so that it will be right side up when you turn it:
The right sides of the fabric are together even though it looks like the right side is facing up!
Do the same with your lining panel on the back side of the towel. 
Sew across the bottom of the towel catching all three layers.
Sew up the sides be certain to only catch your fabric and not stitch the sides of the towel.
Turn the fabric right sides out
Turn in the raw edges at the bottom and sew straight across
Iron creases out of panel

Make a set for your favorite little girl!

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