Infinity Scarf: 30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 13

3o Days of Christmas Crafts Day 13: Infinity Scarf
A great way to try out the stitches on your new machine, this scarf is a modified flour sack scarf (directions in an earlier blog) cut narrower and sewn together into a large loop. This version takes advantage of the wonderful 9mm decorative stitches on the Skyline S5.

Skyline S5 or sewing machine with built in decorative stitches
Heavy water soluble stabilizer
1 flour sack towel (buy in packages of 6 in the kitchen linens section of Walmart or Target)

Wind a bobbin for each color you plan to use for embroidering your scarf
Cut flour sack towel into four equal pieces
This is accomplished most easily if you fold the towel in half, iron, and then fold in half again. In this way you will create four equal creases
Sew each strip together making one long strip
Narrow hem or serge the long edges
Iron even creases into your scarf for straight sewing lines. 
The easiest method is to fold scarf in half lengthwise, iron in crease, fold again, and iron in crease. Continue until you have the number of straight sewing lines that you wish to sew. When you open out the scarf, it should look like this:

Cut a strip of heavy water soluble stabilizer the same length and width of your scarf.
Place on the back of the scarf to stabilize your stitches

Choose your center stitch and begin sewing down center crease. Do the same for each crease.

I chose stitch 53 for center line

Stitch 11 for silver lines

Stitch 83 for outside lines.

After completing your stitches, soak your scarf over night in water.
Rinse and dry.
Sew ends together.
Enjoy your infinity scarf throughout the holiday season!

Today’s Gulf View:

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