Free Happy Puppy Face Machine Embroidery Download: 30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 12

Happy Puppy Heating Pad
Heat him in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, and this little guy will soothe a sore neck, an aching back or warm your feet on a chilly day!
Traditionally filled with rice, you may also use dried beans.I created the free embroidery download using Artistic Suite software, embroidered his face on my Janome 12000, and sewed him up on my Skyline S5.
For puppy’s face, you may use the free embroidery download (for the 5″ hoop), or hand-embroider a puppy face
Sewing Machine (I used the Skyline S5)
embroidery thread
sewing thread
12″ by 18″ cotton fabric for body (you may make the body as small or large as you wish. this size works perfectly with the free embroidery download)
12″ by 12″ cotton fabric for ears
Enough dried rice or dried beans to partially fill the heating pad. I buy in bulk 🙂
Cut out the puppy ears by folding the fabric in half and cutting a 2 1/2″ by 4″ oval on the fold. Repeat for second ear.
Either hand embroider a puppy face near the top of your fabric, or use the free download and your embroidery machine.
Straight stitch around the oval puppy ears leaving a small opening for turning.
Turn ear right side out. I used my S5 stylus to make the turning easier!
Pin puppy ears to top of fabric allowing the ears to touch the eyes. Straight stitch across top.
Fold 12″ by 18″ fabric strip in half, straight stitch down long side.
Switch the stitch to zig-zag and sew again.
Refold fabric so that seam now goes down the back and puppy face is open.Straight stitch across, then zig-zag.
Straight stitch across the bottom of long strip leaving an opening large enough to pour in your rice or beans.
Turn right side out, and tack down ears by using  stitch 93 on your Skyline S5
Use a measuring cup, funnel or bottle to pour in your rice or beans. You don’t have to fill in completely, you want to leave the body flexible enough to lie comfortably across neck.
I used pinto beans

Sew the opening closed, place your heating pad in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes and enjoy! Great for warming the foot of your bed on a cold night, or for aches and pains anywhere on your body.


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