Free Lacey Bookmarks Machine Embroidery Download: 30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 11

30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 11: Lace Bookmarks
The entire bookmark is made in your embroidery hoop, including the lace. Great stocking stuffers, just add initials or words of Christmas Cheer!


·      Two 6”x8” pieces of plain cotton fabric
·      Wash-n-Gone Embroidery Interfacing

·      Tulle bridal netting (initial bookmark)or English Netting (Becky bookmark)

·      Matching white bobbin and embroidery thread (100% cotton or rayon)
·      contrasting embroidery thread for initials or words
·      Blank Bookmark file (click on link for free download)
Prepare to Embroider
·      Thread machine with embroidery thread and matching bobbin thread
·      Place tulle bridal netting on top of wash-n-gone embroidery interfacing and hoop.
·      Place hoop in machine.
·      Lay one piece of 6” x 8” cotton fabric on top of hoop. Center fabric.
Embroider Bookmark
·      Using white thread, Embroider color 1 to tack down cotton fabric
·       Note: if you are using the blank bookmark, it is at this stage that you want to add your own personalized saying using your edit screen.
·      After adding your initials, name or message, slide 6”x8” cotton fabric beneath hoop, centering fabric to design.
·      Change to white embroidery thread and embroider color 2 to tack down bookmark backing.
·      Remove hoop from machine, but do not remove material from hoop.
·      Trim around all sides of cotton bookmark front, being certain not to cut into the tulle or wash away interfacing.
·      Trim around all sides of cotton bookmark back, being certain not to cut into the tulle or wash away interfacing.
·      Place hoop back in machine.
Embroider Lace Edging
·      Using white embroidery and bobbin thread, embroider colors 3 and 4, creating the lace edging. Lace will sew directly onto cotton bookmark fabric.


·      Remove hoop from machine and trim away netting and wash away interfacing being certain not to cut into the lace. It’s ok to leave a small border around the actual lace. The interfacing will wash away, and the netting will not be visible. Leaving a bit around the edges helps to stabilize the lace.
·      Rinse the wash away stabilizer according to manufacturers directions. I used one layer of Pellon Wash-n-Gone with excellent results.


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