Free Christmas Tree Appliqué Embroidery Download: 30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 10


30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 10: Christmas Envelope Pillow

I finally got around to making this cute, happy Christmas pillow using embroidery software to create the design, my Zing cutter to cut out a perfect appliqué, my embroidery and sewing machine
 I’m  including the free Christmas Tree appliqué file.
12 1/2″ square top fabric (for Grand hoop, wait to cut out square until after embroidery. You’ll need a piece a bit larger than 12 1/2″ to hoop)
2 12 1/2″ pieces of fabric for envelope backing
matching thread
Skyline S5 Sewing Machine
12″ pillow form
Janome 12000 (I used the Grand hoop  for the tree and the initials. You may do it in two hoopings with the 5″ hoop or hoop b)
5″ hoop
Download Christmas Tree Appliqué, and load into your Janome embroidery machine
Hoop 12 1/2″ square fabric
Hoop tear away. Embroider Color 1 and use for Christmas Tree pattern. Cut Christmas tree from fabric.

Spray Christmas tree appliqué with fabric adhesive

Create a small hem and large hem in the envelope back pieces:  fold down 1/2″, press. Fold down 2″, press again.


Choose Color 1, outline
Place appliqué within lines
Sew Color 2, satin stitch sew down
Using the edit function on your machine, add a monogram

On Skyline S5, or your sewing machine, straight stitch 1/2″ hem in envelope back piece

Fold down envelope halves and place them atop pillow front, right sides together.
Using 1/2″ seam, sew all the way around the square.
turn right side out, press, and insert 12″ pillow form! Complete!




And did I mention the beach was gorgeous yesterday? Cool weather, clear skies!



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