Free in the hoop Holiday Softies Design: 30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 9


30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 9: Gingerbread Softies

 String these together for a fireplace mantle garland, or use them as stocking stuffers. Iris likes them, too.

Embroidery machine with large or 5×7″ hoop
two 6″ squares fabric
one 6″ square polar fleece for lining
polyfill stuffing
contrasting thread
large square or grand hoop
You may use the 5″ by 7″ hoop if you have an earlier machine. Just make sure you download the file for the 5by7 hoop

›1. Hoop in this order: bottom layer stabilizer, middle layer polar fleece, top layer fashion fabric. 


›2. Sew color 1, outlining the doll

› 3. Sew colors 2,3,4, 5 and 6, the eyes and mouth

›4. Lay backing fabric face down atop doll.


5. Sew color 7 being certain to stop the stitching at side of leg and advance and start again to leave an opening for turning.

›5. Remove from hoop, trim, turn, stuff, and sew opening closed.


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