Free in-the-hoop Coasters Machine Embroidery Download: 30 Days of Sewing Crafts Day 8

Easy in-the-hoop Square Coaster
 modified for one color


1 6” by 6” square of fashion fabric
2  6” by 6” squares of  fabric for backing
1 6” by 6” square of polar fleece (for lining)
1 6” by 6” square tear away stabilizer
Free download, sqcoast.jef
Temporary fabric adhesive
Hoop tear away stabilizer
spray with temporary fabric adhesive
adhere polar fleece to tear-away
spray with temporary fabric adhesive

place fashion fabric on top of polar fleece

Press two inch hem into backing pieces
Thread machine
Open onecolorcoaster.jef file
Remember, for the single fabric front, we are modifying the embroidery pattern.
Skip Color 1
Skip Color 2
Sew colors 3-4, quilting lines
Step 6: Place backing pieces right sides, overlapping slightly
Step 7: Sew Color 5: sew down line for backing fabric
Remove from Hoop
Step 8: Turn and Press
Creating four coasters in one hooping with large hoop machine
I used a 5 inch square hoop for the single coaster.
But, if you want to create four coasters at the same time, use the 4n1coast.jef file and the large square hoop
And, if you have some extra time, go ahead and add an initial in your edit screen! I added an L.
To create the original two color file, download file and instructions here

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