Free in-the-hoop Potholder with Machine Embroidery Download: 30 Days of Crafts Day 7


Quilted in-the

I designed these quick and easy in the hoop potholders using Artistic Suite Software. I sewed it out on my Janome 1200. The potholders are great for brightening up your kitchen, or for a quick and easy gift. I made a few for my brother-in-law in FSU fabric (go ‘Noles!). At our house, the world stops for FSU football, and last night’s game was a nail-biter! 


*     5×7 or larger hoop

*     Tear-away stabilizer to fit your hoop

*     Create two  8”x11” potholder pocket fabric pieces by folding in half and pressing so that you now have two 51/2” by 8” pieces

*     One 8”x11” potholder front fabric

*     One 8”x11” potholder backing fabric

*     One 8”x11” 100% cotton toweling or batting

*     One  8”x11” insul-bright batting

*     Coordinating thread

*     Square potholder embroidery file

*Note: You may want to sew out a couple of samples before using your expensive fabrics. Sometimes I delete the fabric backing step and just sew on the pockets and turn. No hand sewing that way, but you do leave some raw edges.

*     Embroider

Hoop tear away stabilizer and place in machine

*     Sew Color 1: placement line

Step 2: Secure layers in hoop

*     Spray fabric adehsive between the fabrics and adhere to hooped backing fabric in this order:

*     Layer 1: toweling

*     Layer 2: insul-bright

*     Top layer or layer 3: potholder front fabric

Step 3: Embroider

*     Sew color 2, quilting stitches (for squares)

*     Sew colors 2-4 for rose (2,3 rose, 4 quilting)

*     Lay pockets across top of potholder meeting folded sides in the center of the potholder

*     Lay fabric backing right side down on top of pockets

*     Be certain to use spray adhesive to secure your fabricStep 5: Embroider

*     Sew color 3, outline sew-downStep 5: Remove and turn

*     Remove from hoop and turn back right side outStep 6: Close opening

*     Hand stitch or machine stitch closed the opening you used for turning

*     Turn pockets right side out

*     Voila!


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