Quick and Easy Guest Towels: 30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 5

So, last night, Iris and I watched game six of the World Series (I am a Kansas City fan, it was a good night!) and sewed on my sewing machine. What a beauty!
I had some bar towels from Target and some cute fabric (ok, sheets) and I couldn’t wait to put them together for a fun shower gift. My plan is to make pillows for tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes!
Sew Supplies:
2 bar towels
4 6″ wide strips fabric that are 1 inch longer than your towel is wide
Embroidery Machine
Iris helping. She looks sort of like the big bad wolf.
Hem the sides of the strips 
place face down on bottom edge of bar towel
sew strip to bottom edge of bar towel
Flip the towel over, fold up strip so that it becomes a 3 inch band and sew to back of bar towel
Embroidery Supplies:
Embroidery Machine
5″ embroidery hoop
tear-away stabilizer
temporary fabric adhesive
light-weight wash-away stabilizer
matching embroidery thread
 I chose a built in monogram, size L and placed the middle initial in the center of my edit screen. Next, I chose the C and the T in medium. I increased the size by 20%.
Hoop tear away stabilizer
Spray with temporary adhesive
Center towel on hoop
Place a layer of light-weight wash-away stabilizer on top
Set hoop in machine
Remove from hoop
Remove stabilizer


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