Free Machine Embroidery Download Toothfairy Pillow: 30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 4

Basic Tooth Fairy Pillow for 4×4 hoop
Delight a young child with cute, cuddly tooth fairy pillow. Get creative with this simple in-the-hoop delight. A great bazaar item–it is easy, fast and free using leftover scraps from other sewing projects.
Create a unique gift quickly in only one hooping. Better yet, you only need a 4×4 hoop to make it!
Shopping List:
6”x8” rectangle of polar fleece for backing
6”x8” rectangle of fashion fabric for pillow front
6”x8” rectangle of fabric for pocket
7” of ¼” to ¾”-wide ribbon for ribbon hanger
Bobbin & embroidery thread
Design (click on Design to open the web page with the files)
Tooth Fairy Pillow
Optional: Tooth Fairy Tow-Truck
Optional: Tooth Fairy Wand
Finish pocket edges to 3 ¼” x 2”. You may finish the edges by pinking, zig-zagging or serging the edges.
Optional: Embroider the 6”x 8” pocket rectangle with Tooth Fairy Tow-Truck design or Tooth Fairy Wand prior to finishing pocket edges
Hoop 6” by 8” fashion fabric for pillow front. Place tear-away stabilizer beneath hoop.
Thread machine with thread for embroidering “Dear Tooth Fairy, Please Stop Here!” Embroider.
Thread machine with thread for outlining the position for the pillow pocket. Embroider the outline.
Center prepared pocket over outline. Be certain pocket edges extend 1/8” beyond outline.
Thread machine with thread for sewing down pocket. Embroider.
Thread machine with thread for placement lines for ribbon hanger. Embroider placement lines.
Using a glue-stick or clear tape, anchor ribbon ends over placement lines. Ribbon should make a U shape. Hint: tuck the bottom of the U into the pocket and secure with clear tape. This will keep the pocket and thread from getting caught in the embroidery.
Thread machine with thread for tacking down ribbon. Embroider tack-down.
Place 6” x 8” backing, right side down,  over the hoop covering the entire pillow front.
Thread machine with thread for sewing pillow back to pillow front. Embroider.
Remove hoop from machine.
Trim excess fabric from around pillow leaving ½” excess around the perimeter.
Turn fabric inside out.
Tuck seam into hole used for turning pillow. Slip stitch hole closed.


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