Free Baby Bonnet In-the-hoop Download: 30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 3

30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 3: Adorable in-the-hoop Heirloom Baby Bonnet for extra large hoops

Stitch this adorable baby bonnet all in the hoop including  lovely heirloom hemstitches. Sew on lace,  add a ribbon, and the bonnet is ready for your newborn. Choose Christmas colors for the flowers, and your little one is ready for the holidays!
Skill level: Beginner to intermediate
Time: one hour
Supplies needed: 1 17” by 21” piece of white batiste or muslin
Spray starch
Tear-away stabilizer
Winged Needle
Regular embroidery Needle
Embroidery Thread
Hoop GR
2 yards  gathered lace edging
½ yard ¼ “ pink or blue ribbon for ribbon ties
Hand-sewing needled and thread
Prepare fabric and machine:
– Iron batiste or muslin with spray starch until stiff, place in Hoop GR along with tear away stabilizer.
-Place a winged needle in sewing machine
-Thread machine with white embroidery thread
Step I: Embroider hem-stitching by pressing the start button on your machine. Color 1, navy blue, is the hem stitching.
Step 2: Embroider flowers by changing the needle to a regular embroidery needle and using the colors of your choice. I used, in this order green, blue and then pink.
Step 3: Sew lace edging to edge of bonnet butting edging up to hem stitching. If you wish, you may use your zig-zag stitch, and allow the needle to go in the hem stitched holes as you attach the lace. After attaching lace, cut away excess material using applique scissors. Avoid cutting the lace!
Step 4: Stitch ribbon ties to each side of bonnet front.
Step 5: To make bonnet back, tack each of the four points together catching only the end of each point.


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