Towel Wrap : 30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 2


I love my embroidery machine!

My Embroidery Machine
-could help make me an Etsy designer and vendor (all those gifts I make for others? I could make them in bulk and sell them on Etsy. Ok, truth is, I haven’t done this yet, but I love looking at the projects of those who have!)
-makes me popular with my daughters’ friends (monograms are in)
-makes me popular with my husband (think of the money I’ve saved on graduation, wedding and baby gifts)
which brings me to Towel Wraps
My three daughters, two in college and one recently graduated, voted towel wraps as their favorite, most practical graduation gifts (after money). They make great Christmas gifts as well.
You can make either of the two styles below in an hour or less.
Style 1: Ribbon Embellishment
Style 2: Already Embellished
You can make these wraps in four easy steps!
So, to make these towels, gather your supplies:
30” by 54” Towel (larger or smaller depending on the recipient’s size)
2” ribbon embellishment (one yard) (optional)
1 ¾” Elastic (one yard)
1” Hook and Loop Tape (eight inches)
Step 1: Add ribbon trim
Place ribbon 3 ½ to 4” from and parallel to outside edge; pin and sew
Step 2: Create elastic casing


Fold down 2 ¼” to wrong side of towel, pin and stitch
Step 3: Thread and Secure Elastic
-Measure elastic to upper chest size
-Pin elastic end with a large safety pin or diaper pin
-Thread elastic through casing
-Sew down each end to secure
Step 4: Secure Hook and Loop Tape
Sew 4” loop (soft) side to inside front adjacent to edge
Sew a second 4” loop piece to inside front 4” from edge
Close towel wrap and sew each 4” hook piece
 matching loop pieces to secure closure
I would love to hear from you if you have any questions about this project! Email me  at milindajaywriter at


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