Beth Bradley’s Cupcake Design: 30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 1

30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 1

Today, I used Beth Bradley’s adorable cupcake from the November/December CME magazine to create these sweet, quick and easy baby gifts. 
For the bib, I used a bib from a multi-pack I bought at my local Walmart, and for the burp cloth, I used a diaper from a Target multi-pack. 
Cupcake Download from CME magazine (free at until December 31, 2014)
Embroidery Thread (pink, red and green)*
Tear away stabilizer
light-weight wash away stabilizer
heavy-weight wash away stabilizer
temporary spray adhesive
embroidery machine (I used my Janome 12000 for embroidery and the 5″ by 5″ hoop.) 
*the design is available in three sizes and is formatted for most embroidery machines.
Be sure to wind a few bobbins before you begin! I used about one bobbin per cupcake.

load the design onto your machine
Hoop tear away stabilizer 
Spray with temporary spray adhesive
Center bib in hoop and press lightly so that the bib will adhere to the tear away
Place a layer of lightweight wash away stabilizer on top of the bib
Place hoop in machine
Embroider the first color, red
Continue embroidering with color 2, pink. 
I skipped color 3, white, because my bib and my burp cloth were each white.
Continue with color 4, pink again and color 5, green. 
Remove hoop from machine
Tear away stabilizer
Trim threads
For the burp cloth: follow the above instructions.
After embroidering, sew on the green rick rack border.
Happy Embroidering!!

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