Heated Hot Pad: 30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 16

30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 16: Quick and Easy Heated Hot Pad
I love how long this hot pad keeps my tea warm on a cold morning. Microwave the hot pad for 1 minute, and the heated beans inside retain heat. This is a twenty minute project, so make a few!
dried beans, 1/2 bag
one 100% cotton ready made plain hot pad
one square of material 1/2″ larger than hot pad on all four sides

Sewing machine (I used my Skyline S5)

With right sides together, sew all the way around the outer edge of hot pad leaving a two inch hole for turning


Turn right side out
Pour 1/2 bag of dried beans (I used lentils)through opening.
You don’t want to stuff the hot pad with beans, too many beans will make it too difficult to sit your teapot on it.
Sew opening closed.
Heat in microwave for 1 minute (you will need to test the length depending on your microwave)
Place teapot or anything else you would like to stay warm on top of the heated hot pad. My teapot stayed hot for 2 hours when use with tea cozy from day 15.
Today’s Gulf View:
Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders you have done. Psalm 40:5



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