Scalloped Sachet:Thirty Days of Heirloom Sewing Annie Laura Sews Day 5

This is my digitized version of the 1915 Needlework Magazine’s Baby Embroidery Sachet. I found the magazine among my grandmother’s things–along with a tin box filled with wonderful old bone and shell buttons. She learned her love of sewing from my great grandmother, and you can read their story in my novel, Annie Laura’s Triumph. For a free download of instructions for the sachet as well as the .jef file, click here.
I love playing with all sorts of digitizing software. I don’t do hand embroidery like my grandmother and great grandmother. Their work was just beautiful. You can see an example here:

Crocheted in 1917 by my grandmother, the Viola Lee of Annie Laura’s Triumph

I wish I had the patience for such beautiful handwork. I do my best to emulate the look of hand embroidery by copying designs from old linens and magazines. For this project, I used Janome’s Digitizer MBX and embroidered on my Janome 15000. It’s a quick and easy project. I hope you enjoy!

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