Warm and Cozy Baby Car Seat Cover

My first grand baby was born in January in the bitter cold of a northern Ohio winter. I wanted to create a car seat cover that would be guaranteed to keep him warm. 

For the pattern, I modified the instructions posted by Jessica from This Too Projects. From my local thrift store, I found a lovely cashmere sweater, washed and dried it and used it to line the front and back flaps. I then used the built-in quilting embroidery stitches on my MC15000 and secured the lined sections by quilting. I love the magnetic hoop–no more hooping problems! The magnets secure the many layers, and the quilting is lovely. Finally, using one of the hundreds of built-in stitches on the Skyline S7, I edged the carrier with a narrow ribbon and the machine’s stitched embellishment.

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