Easy Microwave Potato Bag: 30 Days of Christmas Crafts Day 22

Skyline S5 Lettering Fun

If you’ve ever made a baked potato in the microwave, you know it tastes dry and, well like a baked potato cooked in the microwave. Cook your potato in this 100% cotton microwave bag (thank you friend Donna at Jim’s Vacuum and Sewing for this idea!)and you will think it was cooked for an hour in a 350 degree oven! To use this bag, place the potato in the bag and cook for 6 minutes, depending on the power of your microwave. And don’t pierce the potato first, just put it in!
This is about a 15 minute craft, so if you need a last minute gift, this one is perfect.

12″x14″ 100% cotton fabric
12″x14″ 100% cotton flannel

Sewing Machine (I used my Skyline S5)

Place fabric and flannel right sides together and straight stitch across long side.
Open out with right sides facing you

Fold in half with right sides of flannel facing right sides of flannel, and right sides of fabric facing right side of fabric
Sew around all three open sides leaving a hole for turning. 
Turn right side out
Sew hole used for turning closed
Push flannel lining inside outer fabric
Voila! Quick and easy:)

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